Massage Therapy

Tropical Restoration Massage (Therapeutic) 

Relax with the sounds of the islands during this full body therapeutic massage. From the top of your head to the tip of your toes, this light to medium pressure massage stimulates your blood circulation, relives stress, improves energy, and releases tension.  Using oil/cream with a series of long yet gliding strokes you will feel your stress melt away, leaving behind only well-being and comfort.       

 30 Minute - $55 

 60 Minute - $85

 90 Minute - $115

Sapphira's Signature Massage (Aromatherapy)

Relax your mind, body, and spirit. Sapphira's Signature Massage is customized to improve your health and emotional well being while restoring balance to the body. Using a blend of exotic oils infused with therapeutic essential oils, and a combination of massage techniques; this massage will relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation. This massage treatment is also ideal to ease depression and reduce anxiety. 

30 Minute - $65

60 Minute - $95

90 Minute - $125

The Ultimate Deep Tissue Massage 

Specialized techniques, drawn from all over the world to offer you a customized yet unique treatment. A detailed full body massage focusing on the deepest layers of the muscle tissue to relieve  pain and tension. This treatment includes deep yet soothing massage movements and stretches, focusing on the back, neck, and shoulders, feet, and any specific areas you may be concerned with. 

30 Minute - $65

60 Minute - $95

90 Minute - $135

Caribbean Hot Stone Massage 

This hot stone body massage was created to relax the muscles, while stimulating the energy of the body. Using warm stones, essentials oils, and Swedish massage techniques; this therapy penetrates the muscles to sooth aches and pains, leaving your entire body rejuvenated and reenergized. 

60 Minute - $125

90 Minute - $150


The Pure Detox Massage – 

Using Detox Massage Oil this treatment naturally stimulates your circulation and eliminates toxins to rejuvenate your body. This Massage is the perfect way to boost the body’s natural detox process and cleanse your lymphatic system. This promotes stress relief and helps to relax the mind during the detoxification process. 

60 Minute - $95

90 Minute -$125

All Treatment Times Include Undressing/Dressing and Relaxation in The Treatment Room

All Massages Include Your Choice of Natural Oils From Our Customized Oil Bar.